Community Health Engagement Services

WISE Health’s Community Health Engagement Services increases access to health services, health education, updated health resources and in-home health visits.

We provide community engagement services in three ways:

Community Health Pop-Up - Depending on the activities chosen for the Pop-Up, it can be designed to promote social connectedness through fun activities, physical activity and healthy practices. You can find an updated list of our services here. Services are ideal for agencies that are looking to:

  • Address social isolation within a housing site or community

  • Increase engagement and services in low income communities

  • Increase access to free and insurance based health services

  • User test products

  • Recruit for clinical trials

Community Engagement Training - This training is offered to health and community service providers working within diverse communities. The training provides effective strategies and methods to reach 'hard to reach’ populations, when implementing health and social initiatives. Click to see training modules.

Community Health Events - Events are coordinated in collaboration with other community partners to reach 150+ people. Events can be tailored to meet various needs of the community you are seeking to serve.