About Us

"Our Mission is to spark innovative solutions and strategies to engage healthy communities"

WISE Health, founded in 2015, aims to work with organizations to design, implement, and evaluate solutions to major public health issues.  The model for WISE Health was created as a result of the overwhelming and constant observations of the need for more innovative, tailored and relevant approaches to health and wellness for vulnerable populations living throughout the Bay Area. It is our belief that community and technology-driven innovation can improve health outcomes, create healthy communities, and inform health policies.

WISE Health offers a variety of community health programming that can be tailored to meet the needs of all ages. We specifically target the aging populations (i.e.,62 years and older)-- and given the diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area, our programs and services are offered in multiple languages (e.g., English, Cantonese, Spanish).  There are few community based programs that provide services that are able to meet the wide-range of needs that seniors have in a single setting. Thus, our approach is unique in that we not only have the experience and ability to reach socially and physically active people through our programs, but we also reach the increasing population of under-served, socially isolated, disadvantaged and disabled as well.

In addition to developing our own programming, WISE Health provides engagement strategy services to entities that focus on:

•  Eliminating health disparities and understanding the root causes of unhealthy behaviors and poor health outcomes

•   Improving access to care among racial/ethnic minorities, older adults, and vulnerable populations

•   Designing, implementing, evaluating, translating, and disseminating innovative strategies and technologies to support healthy living

•   Creating equitable solutions that shift norms, transform systems, and build healthy environments.

Learn more about the Founder and Managing Director: Brittney Doyle, MPH


And it is still true, no matter how old you are, when you go out into the world it is best to HOLD HANDS and STICK Together."

— Robert Fulghum, Author