WISE Health

San Francisco

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WISE Health SF aims to work with health service organizations, businesses and institutions to design, implement, and evaluate solutions to major public health issues throughout hard to reach communities.

The WISE Health Model

Our community engagement model is designed to reduce social isolation and increase healthy behaviors among hard to reach populations. We categorize hard to reach populations as: seniors. disabled, socially isolated, low income, chronically ill, youth and men. Our services are low cost, easy to adapt, integrates a collective community approach and is sustainable. By effectively applying tailored community engagement strategies we can provide sustainable services that can increase access to health services, health technology, health education, social activities and much more to hard to reach communities.


Senior health EngagemEnt Services

Through our compassionate practices, WISE Health develops health and wellness programming for senior housing sites and senior centers. Learn More…


Community Health engagement services

Our WISE Health Community Health Pop-Ups, increases access to health services, health education, updated health resources and in-home health visits. Learn More…


Academic engagement services

Our engagement services can provide academic institutions a consistent presence within hard to reach communities. Learn More…


Keeping Up With WISE Health

WISE Health services are designed to reduce social isolation and increase healthy behaviors among our most vulnerable populations.
— Brittney Doyle, MPH Founder


Get Involved

WISE Health loves volunteers!! We are looking for companions. nurses, students, prayer partners, phone friends, block walkers, creative programs, the artsy type, wonderful chefs and social media gurus.


Learn more about our programs

Interested in learning more about our programs? Contact us and we can answer any questions you may have.

Volunteer opportunities

We provide fun and inspirational volunteer opportunities for people of all ages.

Sponsor a senior

Your sponsorship will provide an isolated senior with a special hand-crafted WISE Health Planters Kit. A WISE Health team member will make a special delivery to the person you choose to sponsor.